Monday, August 31, 2015

Humbling Week

Hey Mother!
Just want to share with you that this week has been a really humbling week for me! All that I have done I have done for others in ways that I never would have imagined that I would do! Now I am Zone Leader... and this week has been crazy getting to know my area and my zone!
But this week was crazy! I will start from the beginning to you can understand all of it.
Well Tuesday we had changes! And now I have a new companion! His name is Elder Niño! He is the funniest guy I know! We hit it off really well! But that same day we went to visit people that day also! I was soo lost! We live right next to the Stake Center!!
But Wednesday was a little better! We taught and I got to know some members!
Thursday was amazing!!! We had a special training with Elder Bednar! His training was amazing! I learned to much about myself and about how to treat other people like Agentes and not objects! I will never forget that experience! I also saw Elder Wallace (Note from Mom--this is a Sparta soccer teammate)! We had the training with the East Mission!! 
Friday and Saturday.... were the most stressful days I have had in a while! We had to go the building were we had to take out the birth certificates of the people that are going to get married! And we also had to help some sister in the zone move! And we had to store all of their things in our room
We had a baptism this Saturday! It was soo crazy! We had to do so much to prepare everything! And something funny that happened is that we had to return to our room to pick up something last minute! And we were in our room and I look down at the shoes of Elder Niño and he had his dress shoe and a sneaker on. I asked him what happened to his other shoe half laughing. And we just burst out laughing I was on the ground laughing so much! 
We have also bee doing lots of interviews with people who are going to get baptized--lots of divisions! 
Elder Spencer

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