Monday, August 10, 2015

Grateful to Serve

This email is going to really short but I will try and put a lot into it! 

This week has been great! I know that God is helping us in all that we do. We have been teaching lots of people. And we are helping lots of families return to the Church. Specifically we are helping a family that their Dad is not a member and he has come for the past 2 weeks! We are excited to see what happens with him in the end!!! 

We have been contacting a lot recently! I feel like our efforts are being strengthened everyday that we do the will of the Lord! I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me this chance to serve! And if it be his will I will continue! I know we wants us all to continue pressing forward! But we also have to put in our part! I know He can help each and everyone of us fulfill what we need to do! 

I am grateful for this time the Lord has given me to devote myself completely to him! 

Elder Spencer 

1 comment:

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