Monday, August 31, 2015

Humbling Week

Hey Mother!
Just want to share with you that this week has been a really humbling week for me! All that I have done I have done for others in ways that I never would have imagined that I would do! Now I am Zone Leader... and this week has been crazy getting to know my area and my zone!
But this week was crazy! I will start from the beginning to you can understand all of it.
Well Tuesday we had changes! And now I have a new companion! His name is Elder Niño! He is the funniest guy I know! We hit it off really well! But that same day we went to visit people that day also! I was soo lost! We live right next to the Stake Center!!
But Wednesday was a little better! We taught and I got to know some members!
Thursday was amazing!!! We had a special training with Elder Bednar! His training was amazing! I learned to much about myself and about how to treat other people like Agentes and not objects! I will never forget that experience! I also saw Elder Wallace (Note from Mom--this is a Sparta soccer teammate)! We had the training with the East Mission!! 
Friday and Saturday.... were the most stressful days I have had in a while! We had to go the building were we had to take out the birth certificates of the people that are going to get married! And we also had to help some sister in the zone move! And we had to store all of their things in our room
We had a baptism this Saturday! It was soo crazy! We had to do so much to prepare everything! And something funny that happened is that we had to return to our room to pick up something last minute! And we were in our room and I look down at the shoes of Elder Niño and he had his dress shoe and a sneaker on. I asked him what happened to his other shoe half laughing. And we just burst out laughing I was on the ground laughing so much! 
We have also bee doing lots of interviews with people who are going to get baptized--lots of divisions! 
Elder Spencer

Monday, August 24, 2015



Well today we will find out who will stay and who will leave! We think that my comp is going to go! He has 6 months here in this area! He is dying! And we think that I am going to train a newbie...again. What a privilege. 😑 But no I am excited to see what happens! I need a change! 

But this week we are going to receive a training by Elder Bednar! That is right Elder Bednar! The 27th! I am soo excited! 

But hey enough about that! This week was awesome! Full of stories and BAPTISMS!!! 

Well to start off, one of the things that happened to us we have to back to the future like the movie... hehe.. But we contacted a lady like 3 weeks ago.. and this week we finally found her and her pareja (boyfriend). We were teaching the First Lesson like always and we invited them to baptism. They said that they would love to! And after we explained that to arrive to that point we need to keep all the commandments of God! And we explained marriage. They said that they would be willing to get married also!!! That was soo awesome to see two people with the same mindset and goals to build a family! 

We had a work visit this week with the Zone Leaders. It was the worst visit that I have ever had with them. I don't know if is it just me or what but whenever they want to do a work visit everything that could go wrong does go wrong! Almost all the the lessons fell through I was walking aimlessly through the street contacting and teaching. It was a very interesting experience. 

Well we also had some baptism this Saturday! Which was awesome! 4 people got baptized. My whole district baptized this month! And we and the sisters still have people that we are going to baptized the 29th! 

Hope you are all well! 
If I can I will send pictures of the baptisms!! 

Elder Spencer 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week Exitoso (Successful Week)!

Successful week! 

This week has been one of the best here so far! UGhh so many things to say and so little time! But I will start with the person that is going to get baptized! She is amazing she loves it when we come over and teach her! She has such big heart! We convinced her husband to come to the baptism this Saturday! He said he would go without fail! ;) We are also in cahoots with him! He are planning on inviting him to baptism this coming week! He just doesn't know it yet!! 

We are also in cahoots with a young lady! She has all the desires that a person need to get baptized! And also we are talking with the father and the mother of the two girls that got baptized a while back! Their mom wants to get baptized! But she wants to get baptized with her husband! And she is trying to convince him!!! 

Well we have been here in my area working soo hard! I can't believe that all this time has passed already! Wow where does the time go!! I don't have my USB with me so I can't send pictures! But we have been teaching sooo much! This week we were able to shoot the goal of lessons by 8! It was awesome! I feel as if everything is coming naturally now! 

I am adjusted hard core here! Everything for me is normal! Sometimes there is something strange but I am used to it! And with the language.... oh my don't get me started... my English is just down right terrible. Well not terrible.. but yes terrible. I can talk English but it is more comfortable for me to talk in Spanish! I know that is weird! 

But hey what can you do!! 

I know that what I am doing is the right thing! Even though sometimes I don't want to... because I will be honest! It is hard! But through these times I think about the JOY of God! And How great He is! And will be forever! That He will always love us no matter what! And helping everyone see that is the best blessing that you could ask for! 

Today we are going to eat in a restaurant for Pday! THanks for all the people that read this and also for all the prayers that you send my way! I feel them! 

Elder Spencer 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Grateful to Serve

This email is going to really short but I will try and put a lot into it! 

This week has been great! I know that God is helping us in all that we do. We have been teaching lots of people. And we are helping lots of families return to the Church. Specifically we are helping a family that their Dad is not a member and he has come for the past 2 weeks! We are excited to see what happens with him in the end!!! 

We have been contacting a lot recently! I feel like our efforts are being strengthened everyday that we do the will of the Lord! I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me this chance to serve! And if it be his will I will continue! I know we wants us all to continue pressing forward! But we also have to put in our part! I know He can help each and everyone of us fulfill what we need to do! 

I am grateful for this time the Lord has given me to devote myself completely to him! 

Elder Spencer 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Broken Bridges were Rebuilt


This week has been so great! Full of experiences and full of the Spirit! 
This week we have been teaching a lot. But lets rewind for a bit... Last week we were teaching really well. But sadly the people didn't understand or something and we invited tons of people to attend church with us. And what do we get.... nothing. 

I was feeling a little bit discouraged with the outcome. That was the first time that I had experienced such a thing. I felt that I had failed God in a way not bring anyone to His Church. I felt that I wasn't doing everything that I could do to help the people understand. I started the last week a little discouraged. I was like a broken bridge I couldn't see a way to get a across to conquer this problem. 

But then I started reading The Book of Mormon. I really started to ponder and write down my feeling and thoughts and inspirations that came to me last week. I started then to read in Alma 43. In verse 4 it says that they were preparing themselves for the war. I started to ask myself. Am I prepared? And how could I prepare myself?  in the 17th verse it hit my that I need to be like Moroni and take charge of the situation that was happening. I started to read how they prepared themselves. They put on amour and wanted to defend everything they had unto the shedding of blood. 

This chapter really helped me see how prepared I thought I was. And through out the week I could see tiny miracles as the people started to be a little be more receptive to the message. 

And this week in Church.... They came!! And a message in church really hit me. A returned missionary said, ''When we are obedient we bring blessing into our lives but when we do it with EXACTNESS we can perform miracles''  I love that phrase! 

We also had the privilege to go to the temple this past week! Wow so beautiful! The experience was sooo personal! I loved every second of it! 

Elder Spencer