Monday, June 29, 2015

Baptism Week

Mother and others, 

Just like the other weeks this week has been amazing! There are so much things to say but so little time. I will try to fit it all in this email! Well to start off we are progressing hard core here in my area! I was talking with my Zone Leader and he told me that the district that I am leading is the best in a the whole zone and that he trusts that it will stay that way for a while now. My Zone Leaders are soo awesome. They have such a big heart to help everyone in the Zone! That really shows that they are dedicated! Helps me too!! 

Well we started this week a little discouraged! Things just weren't falling into place like we hoped they would! I was really questioning our manner to plan! My companion is still a little new to his mission. And sometimes his planning doesn't line up. But little by little we are working it out! Well my area is pure mountain! I have to climb and climb to reach our investigators! I love it! 

My health could be a little better! But with that said don't worry. I am well! I am eating normally now! I used to not eat a lot! But I am have adjusted again to eat normally! 

Well we have been teaching so many note worthy people. It is hard to just choose a couple of them but I will try! Well we are teaching this man named A...... He is the boyfriend of the girl that was baptized yesterday! He has sooo many doubts about everything. But yesterday before the baptism of his girlfriend, he asked to talk with us. He told us that he had felt peace when he asked God in his prayer. We are still working with him to put a baptism date. I know with the help of the Lord we will do it! 

We were hiking in the mountains early this week and we found a guy that is whole body was shaking. He had Parkinson's disease. We explained to him that we were missionaries and that we had the Priesthood of God to give him a blessing. We entered in his house and gave him a blessing. I gave him the blessing. I could feel his pain. I could feel his strife, his suffering. I knew in that moment we were sent to help him! I am grateful for that opportunity to give him a blessing. We are now trying to visit him. We went 2 times after but we wasn't there. 

The two people we baptized yesterday
Speaking of blessings I had the opportunity to confirm the young lady that we baptized yesterday! I could feel the power of God running through my body as I said the designed words that came to me from The Spirit! God has a great plan for her and for her family! 

So many things so little time! I know that Priesthood has been restored in these days and it was in old! I know we can work miracles we just have to have faith and patience! 

Elder Spencer 
The girl that we baptized a week ago.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Warmth & Light


Well first off I just want to wish dad a Happy Fathers Day! Hope you passed it well with the family! I know the greatest Father that we have is our Father in Heaven. Thanks to all the love that he gave us and continues to give us, we can return to Him and live with him eternally! 

Well this week.... where did it go? Honestly these week went by so fast as if it were a dream! We did so much this week! We have been visiting so many people. But to start this letter I will start with a lesson that we had with one of our investigators. 

He arrived at 8 or so. And then started all the questions that he had. Why do we have a prophet? What happens if he dies? Why is Sunday the Day of Rest? Who was Joseph Smith? What is The Book of Mormon? How can I be so sure that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God? 

And many more.... 

That was the most draining lesson that I have experienced in all my mission. But we now have cleared all his doubts. And we have taught him the First Lesson. He have promised to read The Book of Mormon and pray. We have another lesson with him this Tuesday! I am so excited! 

We also had a baptism this Saturday! Which the coolest thing ever. It was a most awesome baptismal service. Despues the ordanaza (After the ordinance) I left with my companion to clean the hall. And after when I entered I could just feel a warm feeling in the room. That the room was glowing almost with a ray of light. It was an experience that I will never forget! This girl that we baptized has been waiting 3 months to get baptized. And my comp was the one that found her and baptized her. He was soooooo happy to finally baptize her. I could see if on his face the rest of the night. I was a good feeling to see him so happy after all the things that have happened in our area before. 

We have a lot of people that have sooo much potential. We are working with them to see the light of Christ and the Way that He has provided us to become clean as He is clean. 

Elder Spencer 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Love the Mountains! (and the people and my companion)


This week has been full of events that are worthy to tell you guys. Well first off my district is now completing the goals of the mission. Before they weren't and now they are. I have learned here that if you set an example to the people they will follow you in whatever you do. This week we have found so many people we are teaching so well. 

Before I continue I need to say some things about my new companion! Well his name is Elder Villagran. He is from Uruguay! He is 20 years old! And he is the coolest cat around seriously! Just a good person all around! ( And just so you know I forgot to bring my camera, so I won't be able to send pictures yet ) 

But more about this week and my area. Well I am back in the mountains again! The first day here killed me and I was just beat like a rug. We are always going up and up and up more. There really is no end to my area! But I just love it up there. You hike and hike and the Lord blesses you so much for the work that you do. He gives you strength more than anything to keep walking, keep knocking, keep bringing The Gospel to the Peruvian people. 

We have found a lot of people this week! I know I always say that but it is true. These people need to gospel and we are here to bring them the truth. I am still learning lots here on my mission. I am learning lots of things that I didn't even know existed to learn. I can feel every single one of your prayers they strengthen me and help me to carry on! 

Elder Spencer

Funny note____   Last night I got a ride in a car to a Family Night and I sat shoutgun... and I had soooo many flash backs to when you told me to put on my set belt.... I put it on. And the guy that was driving said, " Wow you were taught well as a kid" And then I told him all the stories about you when ever I didn't but on my set belt!! hahahahahhhahahah I have learned dad! Thanks for everything!! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

New Area--Nueva America

I am comforted to know that grandma went peacefully I know that she is with Grandpa I know they are enjoying an eternal life together with a fullness of Joy and happiness. I have been really comforted to know that The Plan Of Salvation comes directly from our Father in Heaven who created this Plan so that we WILL be able to return to him again. 
Well this week has been really interesting so far here in my new area. I am current in a area called Nueva America 2. Well I will start with the first couple of days here in my area. Well I arrived and got settled in and unpacked my bags and all that good stuff. When I finished we left to proselyte and visit. On our way out the door I met the owner of the whole house. We started talking and then she accused my companion that another joven had slept over that Sunday. And she called us liars on the spot. Great first impression that she gave me. I started to try and reason with her to understand what was going on. I told her that I just got here and I have no clue what is going on. But I told her that she didn't know the whole story it didn't line up.
Well this place is pretty awesome I will tell you that! There are mountains! I love to climb! I will send pictures so that you can see them. Pictures speak louder than words. 

I am still district leader and yes I have a new companion!! His name is Elder Villagran! He speaks English but I talk with him in Spanish always.

Monday, June 1, 2015

2 Baptisms!

Nathan's grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on May 23. It was very hard for Nate to not come home, but he seemed to work through it and study more of the Plan of Salvation. Nate wrote his testimony to her. It was beautiful. Grandma died on June 4. We were able to talk to Nate's mission president. The President said that Nate is a wonderful missionary. Every area where he goes lots of work gets done. The President said he wishes all his missionaries were like Nate. That was a sweet tender mercy to hear at a tender time.

Hey mother, 

This week has been full of surprises. Well this week seemed to go by really slow because we had 2 baptisms this Saturday! We are really truckin along here in Sol Del Pinar! I have been recently study the Plan of Salvation a lot more in depth. With the news of Grandma and all. I have really started to understand this Plan a lot more. There was a scripture that I came across a scripture in 2 Nephi 9:6-7.
 For as death hath passed upon all men, to fulfill the merciful plan of the great Creator, there must needs be a power of resurrection, and the resurrection must needs come unto man by reason of the fall; and the fall came by reason of transgression; and because man became fallen they were cut off from the presence of the Lord.
 Wherefore, it must needs be an infinite atonement—save it should be an infinite atonement this corruption could not put on incorruption. Wherefore, the first judgment which came upon man must needs have remained to an endless duration. And if so, this flesh must have laid down to rot and to crumble to its mother earth, to rise no more.

The two people that we baptized this Saturday!
Well this week we have been working soo hard. We have had a really good time here in my area! We Baptized 2 people this Saturday. I will attach photos later. But they are soo awesome. The Lord is always blessing us in our time of need. Well I don't know if I told you all but recently I have been called to be District Leader! It has been alright. It isn't really that hard. I just have to be the example all the time in all things... not that hard right? Haha but I know that the Lord is helping me work through my faults and helping me learn even more in this calling. 

This Month of June we have another baptism! And we are going to help marry a family and then baptize the Wife! We have a lot of good things that are going for us here! The ward is helping us now. 

Well this week as a Stake we had a service project. There is a street here that is really busy and really dirty with garbage. We got
Cleaning or hardly cleaning.

together as a Stake and we did a big cleaning of this street. It took us 4 hours of cleaning but we finally completed it! 

Well just wanted to tell you a little bit about what has happened this week and what is coming up! 

Elder Spencer 
At first we didn't have shovels or brooms so pick up the trash. And me being a Boy Scout found a pipe and started to work.