Monday, June 13, 2016

Last email--Well Done


This is the last email I will send you. I feel so humbled to have served my Lord and God for these 2 years. So many people that I love dearly that I will have to leave. I truly have come to know my Savior, Redeemer, my Brother, Jesus Christ in full. I love this work with all my heart. I know I have given everything to Christ in these 2 years. I feel happy and content that God has received my offering to Him. I have grown spiritually. I feel my Saviors love. I can't help but think of my favorite hymn. Come follow me. I may not comprehend everything that he went through when he was on earth. I can not imagine all the things He went through, but now I know a little. 
Love you all. 

For thrones, dominions, kingdoms, pow'rs,
And glory great and bliss are ours,
If we, throughout eternity,
Obey his words, "Come, follow me."

D&C 4: Therefore, ye that embark in the service of God, see that ye serve him with all your heart, might, 
mind and strength, that ye may stand blameless before God at the last day.  

Monday, June 6, 2016



Just want to let you know that I can't believe that my mission is coming to a close. I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for these 2 years to be able to serve him and learn more about the gospel!!! Well this week was a little slow but hey new week to keep working hard. Yesterday we didn't have our Sacrament meeting because the whole country was voting so we didn't really do anything yesterday. 

This week we found a They are going through some tough stuff right now... And the guy came to us looking for help which I thought was pretty cool that the dad wanted help, because that normally isn't the case!! But tonight we have a lesson with them so we will see what happens. 

We had a service project that was really cool! We built a roof I have some pictures that you can look at and that was basically the highlight of my week! This week we will be going to the see Elder Rasband! This Friday we will have a little meeting with him and I hope to learn a lot from him! I have last interview with President Erickson the 17 of June and then I will be home!!! 

Love you. Can't wait to see you!!

Elder Spencer

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Lord Loves Us


These week went by really fast and I am doing well. I don't have much to say so sorry for the shortness of the letter. But this week we finally helped a family that we are teaching come to church. They are really cool they have all the desires to go to church. They told us after church yesterday that they really liked it and want to come back again!! Well my companion is doing really, really, well. He is doing all the work visits with the District Leader and the Zone leaders so in that aspect he is growing so much. It is amazing to see him grow. Yesterday we were talking about his growth and he shared somethings that are so true. Now he talks and is not afraid to talk so he can teach.. somewhat but better than when he got here. 

I am grateful for this wonderful calling that my Father in Heaven has given me. This has been a wonderful experience with so much learning involved! I love this Work! I know our Lord looks after us and loves and wants the best for each and everyone of us!! 

Elder Spencer

Here are pictures from a service that we did.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep Working


This week was a little longer week than normal. But I am well and my companion is well also. We have been able to find a lot of new people to teach this week and I have a had some cool experiences too! Well this week we found a golden contact!! We contacted a lady who told us that about 3 months ago missionaries had contacted her and invited her to go to church. She wanted to go but didn't really know how. Well we talked with her and her husband and they expressed desires to get married. Tomorrow we are going to visit them and talk a little more! 

 Well I was with Elder Anderson on Saturday night. We were going to visit some people and no one was home! And we sat there for a good 10 minutes not knowing what to do then I said we should start contacting. It was like 8:30 at night and we still had like 30 minutes left so we start contacting the first 3 doors nothing then the 4th door we find out she is a less active and that she was wanting to go to church! She came to church yesterday! 5th, 6th. 7th .8th. nothing then we knock a door and a kid comes out and tells us that about a year ago he was visiting the elders. We must work with faith to give God the probability and likelihood to bless us!! 

Elder Spencer 

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Right Words at the Right Time


Well this week has been a very blain week. We taught a lot of people but they just didnt make it to church this week. This week I have been having trouble. I have told my companion that he needs to put in to another gear because I am leaving this change and he will have to lead in the area! It is kind of scaring me. But his progress will be slow but surely it will get there. 

This week we were teaching a family that was really cool. Well the mom was cool the dad not so much... but anyways we talked to them about marriage and that we can help them in that aspect and the eyes on the sister shot up and said, "We were actually planing on getting married soon, that would be great if you could help us" I was thinking back on that little experience that we had and i thought to myself," How is it that God plans everything perfectly so that we can be in the right place at the right time saying the exact things that the people need to hear..." Kind of messed with my mind a little...

Well this Friday that passed we had a ward activity!! It was a lip syncing war! To see who could do the best lip sync!! And of course it was a Mission Activity so we had to participate. We didn't prepare anything until the day of the Activity in the morning and at that we weren't really prepared, but we improvised and it turned out great! A recent convert asked us after how much time we spent on that, because to him it looked liked we had practiced but we told him 3 hours and we was astonished!!! 

Well I have been studying Matthew in the bible and wanted to share a little scripture that caught my atention! 

 MATTHEW 26: 38 Then saith he unto them,  My soul is exceeding sorrowfuleven unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Baptism of a Family!

This week has been full of so many things! I don't even know where to start! Well first off we are teaching a lot! But this week was a little bit of a struggle due to the fact that Friday we had the wedding of the Celis Family and then Saturday we had their baptisms which was an amazing experience! i will share some pictures with you later! 

Well this week I finished the Book of Mormon. I don't know if I shared that with you already. But this is the 3rd time that I have read it! How can it not be true this book! It is the Word of our Lord Christ. I know he lives and that He visited the Americas. 

As missionaries in the zone we have put the focus in using The Book of Mormon while we are contacting and proselyting! And yesterday we had a fun little experience we where contacting and in the books that we hand out there are little pictures of Joseph Smith and of Lehi and his family and when Christ comes to the Americas! Those little pictures are so helpful to explain The Book of Mormon in like 5 minutes. 
This Friday was the wedding of the Celis family the family that we helped get baptized. The wedding reception was really well done by the ward besides the fact that when we got there they hadn't decorated yet.... that was fun... I was pretty mad. But everything turned out great! 

And their baptisms were even better! I spent the whole day looking for the baptism clothes I was so flustered! But in the end we found all the clothes and they got baptized! I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for  the experience that I could have with them. They are happy and content for the step that they h

ave taken!! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Book of Mormon

Hey Mom! 

This week has been filled with many experiences that have helped me gain a better testimony! Well first we have to carry a Book of Mormon where ever we go and one day we are on a bus and I was looking at the Book and started to think about the eternal significance of the Book of Mormon and I said to myself. " These people have no clue what is inside this book! They need to know to be saved!" It just made be think about how important it is!

Well that family that we are going to help get married and then help get baptized are doing very well! They are excited and the ward is also helping them get situated for everything! The ward is playing a big role in helping them get married and baptized. But to respond to your question I haven't gotten sick that much. I just have had coughs and stomach aches and nothing else. I have never thrown up... nothing like that! 

But also this week we invited a family with a single mom and her kids to come to church and they came and it seemed like that didn't like it that much or something but my mind changed this morning when she texted us and told us that she wants to go and she also wants her kids to go as well. That made me feel so much better about her progress. 

This week was the first week in the chapel that I felt just like crying. Because there were so many people that comitted to coming but didn't come. It just made me really sad to the point of crying. But I didnt cry... :) 

Hope all is well. Thank you for the school schedule. 
Elder Spencer