Monday, May 16, 2016

The Right Words at the Right Time


Well this week has been a very blain week. We taught a lot of people but they just didnt make it to church this week. This week I have been having trouble. I have told my companion that he needs to put in to another gear because I am leaving this change and he will have to lead in the area! It is kind of scaring me. But his progress will be slow but surely it will get there. 

This week we were teaching a family that was really cool. Well the mom was cool the dad not so much... but anyways we talked to them about marriage and that we can help them in that aspect and the eyes on the sister shot up and said, "We were actually planing on getting married soon, that would be great if you could help us" I was thinking back on that little experience that we had and i thought to myself," How is it that God plans everything perfectly so that we can be in the right place at the right time saying the exact things that the people need to hear..." Kind of messed with my mind a little...

Well this Friday that passed we had a ward activity!! It was a lip syncing war! To see who could do the best lip sync!! And of course it was a Mission Activity so we had to participate. We didn't prepare anything until the day of the Activity in the morning and at that we weren't really prepared, but we improvised and it turned out great! A recent convert asked us after how much time we spent on that, because to him it looked liked we had practiced but we told him 3 hours and we was astonished!!! 

Well I have been studying Matthew in the bible and wanted to share a little scripture that caught my atention! 

 MATTHEW 26: 38 Then saith he unto them,  My soul is exceeding sorrowfuleven unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me.


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