Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

Hola everyone!

My time here in the CCM has flown by! I only have two more weeks left and each day has been filled with so much learning by the Spirit and of the Spirit! When I first arrived here I didn't really know what to expect and I can tell you now it is hard. Everyday you need to pray for strength and an open mind. My companion has helped me a lot during these weeks here in the CCM. He is a real blessing in my life and I am glad God put him in my path because he can relate to me. The CCM has been a humbling experience as it comes to a close. I have needed to rely on the Lord more then I ever have in my life. He hears and answers all of your prayers no matter what the circumstance.

This past week has flown by so fast, and I can't believe it is almost over and that I am almost to Peru! I want to share with you some of the experiences that have happened over this last week!
So last week we had the opportunity to go to the Mexico City Temple! But unfortunately it was closed for re-modeling which was a downer. But we got to have a tour of the Visitors Center and that was the coolest thing ever! Towards the end of the tour we watched a church movie about Families. During that movie it hit me that I am going out to teach the people of Peru that families can be together forever through the Plan of Salvation. When that thought hit me I started to tear up and I pictured myself in Peru in a shanty old house teaching the Peruvians this principle! It blew my mind that the Lord has entrusted me with this sacred calling. At that moment I didn't feel like I was up to the Lord's standards. But sure enough, I was reassured by the Spirit in that moment that I was. That was an amazing feeling to know without a doubt that the Lord trusts you with His work.

The next day we found out we would be teaching real investigators or members that volunteered in this activity called TRC. I was not looking forward to this. I didn't really want to go. But I knew that these people were here to be taught and remember. So my companion and I were sitting in a room waiting for the members. We had sort of planned but not really. They came into the room and we introduced ourselves. Their names were Gloria and her daughter Stephanie. And then we began teaching, trying to be led by the Spirit. And during the lesson I could feel that the girl, Stephanie, needed something but I didn't know what. So after we taught them, they left and after my companion Elder Glover said he got the same prompting too. We were so frustrated that we didn't follow the prompting. All in all the lesson was very spiritual and you could tell that they wanted to change.

If I could put into words the things that I have learned while here in the CCM, it would be a long list. So I will make it short. I have learned that if we put our faith and trust in the Lord, anything is possible. No matter what we are going through, the Lord cares and is always there to help!

Hope things are well with everyone! Would love to hear from all of you that read this! Have a great week!

Elder Spencer

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So I am just emailing both of you the same email so I only have to write one! 
Yes I got the doughnuts they were sooooooooooo good! 

Also I saw Noah and I got the SD cards thank you thank you thank you! I have a lot of pictures to share! Today we went to the Visitors Center for the Mexico City Temple! The temple is under construction.... Oh well I loved every second of it! 
So I had probably one of the most spiritual experiences last night. So yesterday I wanted to know if all of this ( The Gospel) was true. So I got down on my knees and asked God that, that night I was going to ask my companion for a blessing between 9:50 and 10 and if he said anything about REVELATION that I would know that this is all true! So I was going through my day praying every opportunity I could get for this. Night comes around and Elder Glover is giving me a blessing. As I was sitting there I was so nervous because I didn't know if God would answer my prayer. But low and behold through Elder Glover, God answered my prayer! In my blessing he said, "The scriptures will reveal unto you all that God wants you to know." As soon as I heard this I instantly started to cry. It wasn't a normal cry. I felt soooo much joy and happiness that God heard me. Later in my blessing he added, " And God will give you personal revelation." I know God answers prayers we just have to be willing to ask. 

I miss you! 
My Roommates

PG Boys

Mexico City Temple

Elder Spencer

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15, 2014--Mexico MTC

Hey Mom!

Sorry to hear about the job loss. But sometimes that is just how things turn out. Maybe the Lord has a better job for you! But yes all is well! We mostly just study the language and part of the day we teach a lesson. And no surprisingly my allergies haven't been a problem!! I wouldn't say that it is hot just mostly humid would be the right word! Sounds like Noah's talk went really well! I haven't gotten an email from Kenzie yet... but I did get one from Hallie!! That made my day! And no my SD card didn't work... it made me really sad... I had to buy a Hymnbook they don't have as many songs as the English version does.

There was one experience that really help my testimony about the Atonement. The first couple of days I wasn't feeling low. I was reading in my scriptures and praying for inspiration when I came across a verse it said something to the effect.. Repent and forsake your sins. I didn't really know what the word FORSAKE meant so I looked it up and I learned that I need to completely forget them! I read that and I could just feel that love of God in my life since that day forward.

Love you lots!

Elder Spencer
PG Boys at the Mexico MTC

My District

My MTC Companion--Elder Corey Glover

Outside the walls

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey Mom! 

Customs went well we all got through and there were no long lines! And yes I did have all the documents I needed! Thank you! 

My companions name is Elder Glover he is from South Carolina but was studying at BYU! And he also is going on his mission to Peru, Lima North! And classes started the day after we got here, the classrooms are pretty small but we are allowed to go outside and study. We are staying in a mini house if you want to call it that. But the rooms are pretty small and we have 4 people in each room. The food is excellante!! Being here is so much fun! I learn new things about myself and about the Spirit! The Spirit is so strong I feel it everyday! And yes I have seen Elder Romney, he is doing really well! And my P-Day is Tuesday and it wont change while I am in the CCM. Oh and also my camera wont work because the Micro SD card is the wrong format?? Ask Dad about it but if you could mail me like 5 of them that would be great! Or research which SD cards work for my carmera? I just need them please! I can only take 2 pictures and then my memory is full.... Thanks love you lots!! 

Elder Spencer