Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July 15, 2014--Mexico MTC

Hey Mom!

Sorry to hear about the job loss. But sometimes that is just how things turn out. Maybe the Lord has a better job for you! But yes all is well! We mostly just study the language and part of the day we teach a lesson. And no surprisingly my allergies haven't been a problem!! I wouldn't say that it is hot just mostly humid would be the right word! Sounds like Noah's talk went really well! I haven't gotten an email from Kenzie yet... but I did get one from Hallie!! That made my day! And no my SD card didn't work... it made me really sad... I had to buy a Hymnbook they don't have as many songs as the English version does.

There was one experience that really help my testimony about the Atonement. The first couple of days I wasn't feeling low. I was reading in my scriptures and praying for inspiration when I came across a verse it said something to the effect.. Repent and forsake your sins. I didn't really know what the word FORSAKE meant so I looked it up and I learned that I need to completely forget them! I read that and I could just feel that love of God in my life since that day forward.

Love you lots!

Elder Spencer
PG Boys at the Mexico MTC

My District

My MTC Companion--Elder Corey Glover

Outside the walls

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