Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So I am just emailing both of you the same email so I only have to write one! 
Yes I got the doughnuts they were sooooooooooo good! 

Also I saw Noah and I got the SD cards thank you thank you thank you! I have a lot of pictures to share! Today we went to the Visitors Center for the Mexico City Temple! The temple is under construction.... Oh well I loved every second of it! 
So I had probably one of the most spiritual experiences last night. So yesterday I wanted to know if all of this ( The Gospel) was true. So I got down on my knees and asked God that, that night I was going to ask my companion for a blessing between 9:50 and 10 and if he said anything about REVELATION that I would know that this is all true! So I was going through my day praying every opportunity I could get for this. Night comes around and Elder Glover is giving me a blessing. As I was sitting there I was so nervous because I didn't know if God would answer my prayer. But low and behold through Elder Glover, God answered my prayer! In my blessing he said, "The scriptures will reveal unto you all that God wants you to know." As soon as I heard this I instantly started to cry. It wasn't a normal cry. I felt soooo much joy and happiness that God heard me. Later in my blessing he added, " And God will give you personal revelation." I know God answers prayers we just have to be willing to ask. 

I miss you! 
My Roommates

PG Boys

Mexico City Temple

Elder Spencer

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