Monday, February 29, 2016

Testifying of Joseph Smith

This week has been a really slow week. But we have gotten so much done. We were able to visit our 3 people that are going to get baptized this coming month. And we were able to do some other useful things that I will explain in a moment. 

But for March we are looking at 3 baptisms! We are working hard! A little too hard I think. Why do I say that? Because yesterday I felt terrible and I think it was because of all the work we were doing. I am talking about walking and hiking in the mountains. I worked so hard this week that I got sick... Is that even possible? Well it sure seems like it,doesn't it. But I am ok now thanks to a good nights rest! 

So the other useful things we did... There were many things that we did. But one that I really loved this week was visit some less actives that had not gone to church since their baptism. We arrived to their house and lucky she was outside with her grand daughter. But previous so this encounter we had been passing by the house every day since Monday and in this occasion when we found her it was Saturday! She invited us inside and also her daughter was home! My comp started to talk about the Sabbath day. But I knew we had to talk about something else. When he finished after about 15 min. I started to ask them questions. Well to my surprise I found out that they got baptized just because they were good friends with the missionaries. And that they didn't know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. 

In that moment I felt the need to explain to them the story of Joseph Smith. I explained them detail for detail. I did not skip anything. At the end you could definitely feel the spirit super strong. I gave them a reason to read The Book of Mormon to discover if all that we had told them was true. It, for me, was a really spiritual moment with them. I know God answers our prayers and will never stop listening to our pleads for help or strength. 
Elder Spencer  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Jesus the Christ


Well I am glad for your email dad! Sounds like Utah is warming back up that is good to here. Glad that work is going well. 

But ya my area... what can I tell you is is on the side of a mountain basically. And the people are really receptive to the Gospel and that kind kicked me in the rear end when i got here. Because in my last are the people didn't want anything. But it is nice that they actually listen to you here. 

The thing that I am going to miss when I get back in the food. Specially Lomo Soltado! It is soooooo goood!!! I am anxious just to see the house and visit with friends! 

My comp. is crazy. No not crazy but he loves to work hard. If it all ends well In March we will be able to baptize each week! He really helps me to stay on top on things here. He is from Columbia but lives in Ecuador. He lives by the beach en Ecuador. He is a normal guy--a little kooky but hey he is a really nice guy.  

This week has been a blast! We had a baptism this Saturday! We are really working hard here in my Zone! It is so nice to here from you, Dad and C each week. Just know that it fills me with so much joy to hear from you guys. Love you all. Well this week has been a really busy week. In my area there are hardly any members. They all live in the area of my District Leader. Well due to that I told my comp that we will have to contact hard core if we want to find new people. And that is exactly what we did this week. We contacted hard core. We found a family that wanted to come to church this Sunday but due to miscommunication they couldn't make it. And we are now teaching the family of the recent convert that we baptized 2 week ago! They are awesome. We visited them yesterday in the evening and they told us that yes they are looking for a religion that can bring this peace and happiness. So we started teaching them in that instant and they want to come to church and hear more about what The Gospel has to offer. 

I am also reading Jesus the Christ! It is the most amazing book I have ever read in my whole life. I am in Chapter 17. I just got done with the part where he the author is talking about the Sermon on the Mount. It struck me to see that Christ explained that the Gospel has more power over The Mosiac Law in that time.

1. ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time... (Mosiac Law)
2. But I say unto you, (His Gospel) 

 He always stated a truth of the Law and then used the Gospel to over power it.  Study this chapter and chapter 6 and you will see that pattern. It made me realize that The Gospel is the only thing in this world that can make us become like Him as he said to us in the last verse of that chapter in Matthew in 48 

48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

And now compare it with 3 Nephi 12, 13, 14 And you will see interesting things. 

Elder Spencer 

Monday, February 15, 2016

New Area and Companion

Hey dad! 

Thanks for the update on things! I new companion is awesome he only has 3 months in the mission but is pumped up to work hard!! He helps me stay on top on things with waking up to studying! He is from Colombia but... lives in Ecuador! He is crazy!!! But we are working hard we had a baptism this Sat I will send you a pic! 


This week has been a really exhausting week. I am now, not Zone Leader. I am now with a companion that has 3 months in the mission. His name is Elder SanJuan. He is from Colombia but lives in Ecuador. He is a really good person. The area that we are in is ok. It is on a big huge hill and the whole area is on a great big incline! But we had a baptism this Saturday which was awesome! Her name is Evelyn!! And this Saturday we have 2 more baptisms. We are so pumped for this month and the next month. I am still getting to know the area and the members but the ward is awesome. They will help us.. I hope.. But This week not much has happened just the transfers and all. 

I am alive and well trying to find a gym or something to do in my house to get fit. I think I have found something so we will see!! 

Elder Spencer 

Monday, February 8, 2016


Hey mom!
Yes I got transfered. Well tomorrow I will be transfered. The mission is doing something different with all the transfers now instead of doing a big huge reunion they are now just calling us now and telling us where they want us to go. And they called me last night and told me that i will be traveling alone to my new stake center.
This week has been really good for me a little sad that I have to leave my area. I love the people here. There really is not much to tell you but just wanted you to know that I am well and alive and I can't believe that time has passed
Hope all is well! I was recently studying a part of the Bible in John where some disciples are asking Christ where He lives and He says, Come and see.
I love this part it really shows that Chirst invites everyone to come and see if they want to.
Elder Spencer

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lima and a Baptism

Hey MOM!!

This week has been a blast better than the last week for sure! Well to start off the week we went to Lima with the Zone! It was so stressfull! I had to make sure that everyone was staying together. But we had tons of fun! I will send some pictures of what we did!! But after that we had 2 trainings that were mind blowers from the President! It always is awesome to learn from him! I still havent been transfered yet. That changes are this coming week. I wonder where I will go! 

Also we have been teaching these two families that I was telling you about last time. Well they both are progressing really well. With the family that is already married we did a Family Night last night and it went really well. Yesterday also we brought them their own Books of Mormon. They are always coming to church and are excited to make the change in their lives. 

The other family. They are progressing little by little. Yesterday we talked with them and we were able to take our there IDs to help them get married. Here to get married you have to do a copy of your ID and then go to the town center and go through a bunch of hoops and tunnels to get them registered for the next marriage. 

We also had a baptism this weekend! I will send a bunch of pictures dont you worry! 

Elder Spencer