Monday, February 29, 2016

Testifying of Joseph Smith

This week has been a really slow week. But we have gotten so much done. We were able to visit our 3 people that are going to get baptized this coming month. And we were able to do some other useful things that I will explain in a moment. 

But for March we are looking at 3 baptisms! We are working hard! A little too hard I think. Why do I say that? Because yesterday I felt terrible and I think it was because of all the work we were doing. I am talking about walking and hiking in the mountains. I worked so hard this week that I got sick... Is that even possible? Well it sure seems like it,doesn't it. But I am ok now thanks to a good nights rest! 

So the other useful things we did... There were many things that we did. But one that I really loved this week was visit some less actives that had not gone to church since their baptism. We arrived to their house and lucky she was outside with her grand daughter. But previous so this encounter we had been passing by the house every day since Monday and in this occasion when we found her it was Saturday! She invited us inside and also her daughter was home! My comp started to talk about the Sabbath day. But I knew we had to talk about something else. When he finished after about 15 min. I started to ask them questions. Well to my surprise I found out that they got baptized just because they were good friends with the missionaries. And that they didn't know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. 

In that moment I felt the need to explain to them the story of Joseph Smith. I explained them detail for detail. I did not skip anything. At the end you could definitely feel the spirit super strong. I gave them a reason to read The Book of Mormon to discover if all that we had told them was true. It, for me, was a really spiritual moment with them. I know God answers our prayers and will never stop listening to our pleads for help or strength. 
Elder Spencer  

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