Monday, February 1, 2016

Lima and a Baptism

Hey MOM!!

This week has been a blast better than the last week for sure! Well to start off the week we went to Lima with the Zone! It was so stressfull! I had to make sure that everyone was staying together. But we had tons of fun! I will send some pictures of what we did!! But after that we had 2 trainings that were mind blowers from the President! It always is awesome to learn from him! I still havent been transfered yet. That changes are this coming week. I wonder where I will go! 

Also we have been teaching these two families that I was telling you about last time. Well they both are progressing really well. With the family that is already married we did a Family Night last night and it went really well. Yesterday also we brought them their own Books of Mormon. They are always coming to church and are excited to make the change in their lives. 

The other family. They are progressing little by little. Yesterday we talked with them and we were able to take our there IDs to help them get married. Here to get married you have to do a copy of your ID and then go to the town center and go through a bunch of hoops and tunnels to get them registered for the next marriage. 

We also had a baptism this weekend! I will send a bunch of pictures dont you worry! 

Elder Spencer

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