Monday, February 8, 2016


Hey mom!
Yes I got transfered. Well tomorrow I will be transfered. The mission is doing something different with all the transfers now instead of doing a big huge reunion they are now just calling us now and telling us where they want us to go. And they called me last night and told me that i will be traveling alone to my new stake center.
This week has been really good for me a little sad that I have to leave my area. I love the people here. There really is not much to tell you but just wanted you to know that I am well and alive and I can't believe that time has passed
Hope all is well! I was recently studying a part of the Bible in John where some disciples are asking Christ where He lives and He says, Come and see.
I love this part it really shows that Chirst invites everyone to come and see if they want to.
Elder Spencer

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