Monday, May 30, 2016

The Lord Loves Us


These week went by really fast and I am doing well. I don't have much to say so sorry for the shortness of the letter. But this week we finally helped a family that we are teaching come to church. They are really cool they have all the desires to go to church. They told us after church yesterday that they really liked it and want to come back again!! Well my companion is doing really, really, well. He is doing all the work visits with the District Leader and the Zone leaders so in that aspect he is growing so much. It is amazing to see him grow. Yesterday we were talking about his growth and he shared somethings that are so true. Now he talks and is not afraid to talk so he can teach.. somewhat but better than when he got here. 

I am grateful for this wonderful calling that my Father in Heaven has given me. This has been a wonderful experience with so much learning involved! I love this Work! I know our Lord looks after us and loves and wants the best for each and everyone of us!! 

Elder Spencer

Here are pictures from a service that we did.

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