Monday, June 6, 2016



Just want to let you know that I can't believe that my mission is coming to a close. I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for these 2 years to be able to serve him and learn more about the gospel!!! Well this week was a little slow but hey new week to keep working hard. Yesterday we didn't have our Sacrament meeting because the whole country was voting so we didn't really do anything yesterday. 

This week we found a They are going through some tough stuff right now... And the guy came to us looking for help which I thought was pretty cool that the dad wanted help, because that normally isn't the case!! But tonight we have a lesson with them so we will see what happens. 

We had a service project that was really cool! We built a roof I have some pictures that you can look at and that was basically the highlight of my week! This week we will be going to the see Elder Rasband! This Friday we will have a little meeting with him and I hope to learn a lot from him! I have last interview with President Erickson the 17 of June and then I will be home!!! 

Love you. Can't wait to see you!!

Elder Spencer


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