Monday, May 23, 2016

Keep Working


This week was a little longer week than normal. But I am well and my companion is well also. We have been able to find a lot of new people to teach this week and I have a had some cool experiences too! Well this week we found a golden contact!! We contacted a lady who told us that about 3 months ago missionaries had contacted her and invited her to go to church. She wanted to go but didn't really know how. Well we talked with her and her husband and they expressed desires to get married. Tomorrow we are going to visit them and talk a little more! 

 Well I was with Elder Anderson on Saturday night. We were going to visit some people and no one was home! And we sat there for a good 10 minutes not knowing what to do then I said we should start contacting. It was like 8:30 at night and we still had like 30 minutes left so we start contacting the first 3 doors nothing then the 4th door we find out she is a less active and that she was wanting to go to church! She came to church yesterday! 5th, 6th. 7th .8th. nothing then we knock a door and a kid comes out and tells us that about a year ago he was visiting the elders. We must work with faith to give God the probability and likelihood to bless us!! 

Elder Spencer 


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