Monday, April 18, 2016

The Book of Mormon

Hey Mom! 

This week has been filled with many experiences that have helped me gain a better testimony! Well first we have to carry a Book of Mormon where ever we go and one day we are on a bus and I was looking at the Book and started to think about the eternal significance of the Book of Mormon and I said to myself. " These people have no clue what is inside this book! They need to know to be saved!" It just made be think about how important it is!

Well that family that we are going to help get married and then help get baptized are doing very well! They are excited and the ward is also helping them get situated for everything! The ward is playing a big role in helping them get married and baptized. But to respond to your question I haven't gotten sick that much. I just have had coughs and stomach aches and nothing else. I have never thrown up... nothing like that! 

But also this week we invited a family with a single mom and her kids to come to church and they came and it seemed like that didn't like it that much or something but my mind changed this morning when she texted us and told us that she wants to go and she also wants her kids to go as well. That made me feel so much better about her progress. 

This week was the first week in the chapel that I felt just like crying. Because there were so many people that comitted to coming but didn't come. It just made me really sad to the point of crying. But I didnt cry... :) 

Hope all is well. Thank you for the school schedule. 
Elder Spencer

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