Monday, June 15, 2015

Love the Mountains! (and the people and my companion)


This week has been full of events that are worthy to tell you guys. Well first off my district is now completing the goals of the mission. Before they weren't and now they are. I have learned here that if you set an example to the people they will follow you in whatever you do. This week we have found so many people we are teaching so well. 

Before I continue I need to say some things about my new companion! Well his name is Elder Villagran. He is from Uruguay! He is 20 years old! And he is the coolest cat around seriously! Just a good person all around! ( And just so you know I forgot to bring my camera, so I won't be able to send pictures yet ) 

But more about this week and my area. Well I am back in the mountains again! The first day here killed me and I was just beat like a rug. We are always going up and up and up more. There really is no end to my area! But I just love it up there. You hike and hike and the Lord blesses you so much for the work that you do. He gives you strength more than anything to keep walking, keep knocking, keep bringing The Gospel to the Peruvian people. 

We have found a lot of people this week! I know I always say that but it is true. These people need to gospel and we are here to bring them the truth. I am still learning lots here on my mission. I am learning lots of things that I didn't even know existed to learn. I can feel every single one of your prayers they strengthen me and help me to carry on! 

Elder Spencer

Funny note____   Last night I got a ride in a car to a Family Night and I sat shoutgun... and I had soooo many flash backs to when you told me to put on my set belt.... I put it on. And the guy that was driving said, " Wow you were taught well as a kid" And then I told him all the stories about you when ever I didn't but on my set belt!! hahahahahhhahahah I have learned dad! Thanks for everything!! 

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