Monday, June 22, 2015

Warmth & Light


Well first off I just want to wish dad a Happy Fathers Day! Hope you passed it well with the family! I know the greatest Father that we have is our Father in Heaven. Thanks to all the love that he gave us and continues to give us, we can return to Him and live with him eternally! 

Well this week.... where did it go? Honestly these week went by so fast as if it were a dream! We did so much this week! We have been visiting so many people. But to start this letter I will start with a lesson that we had with one of our investigators. 

He arrived at 8 or so. And then started all the questions that he had. Why do we have a prophet? What happens if he dies? Why is Sunday the Day of Rest? Who was Joseph Smith? What is The Book of Mormon? How can I be so sure that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God? 

And many more.... 

That was the most draining lesson that I have experienced in all my mission. But we now have cleared all his doubts. And we have taught him the First Lesson. He have promised to read The Book of Mormon and pray. We have another lesson with him this Tuesday! I am so excited! 

We also had a baptism this Saturday! Which the coolest thing ever. It was a most awesome baptismal service. Despues the ordanaza (After the ordinance) I left with my companion to clean the hall. And after when I entered I could just feel a warm feeling in the room. That the room was glowing almost with a ray of light. It was an experience that I will never forget! This girl that we baptized has been waiting 3 months to get baptized. And my comp was the one that found her and baptized her. He was soooooo happy to finally baptize her. I could see if on his face the rest of the night. I was a good feeling to see him so happy after all the things that have happened in our area before. 

We have a lot of people that have sooo much potential. We are working with them to see the light of Christ and the Way that He has provided us to become clean as He is clean. 

Elder Spencer 

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