Monday, June 29, 2015

Baptism Week

Mother and others, 

Just like the other weeks this week has been amazing! There are so much things to say but so little time. I will try to fit it all in this email! Well to start off we are progressing hard core here in my area! I was talking with my Zone Leader and he told me that the district that I am leading is the best in a the whole zone and that he trusts that it will stay that way for a while now. My Zone Leaders are soo awesome. They have such a big heart to help everyone in the Zone! That really shows that they are dedicated! Helps me too!! 

Well we started this week a little discouraged! Things just weren't falling into place like we hoped they would! I was really questioning our manner to plan! My companion is still a little new to his mission. And sometimes his planning doesn't line up. But little by little we are working it out! Well my area is pure mountain! I have to climb and climb to reach our investigators! I love it! 

My health could be a little better! But with that said don't worry. I am well! I am eating normally now! I used to not eat a lot! But I am have adjusted again to eat normally! 

Well we have been teaching so many note worthy people. It is hard to just choose a couple of them but I will try! Well we are teaching this man named A...... He is the boyfriend of the girl that was baptized yesterday! He has sooo many doubts about everything. But yesterday before the baptism of his girlfriend, he asked to talk with us. He told us that he had felt peace when he asked God in his prayer. We are still working with him to put a baptism date. I know with the help of the Lord we will do it! 

We were hiking in the mountains early this week and we found a guy that is whole body was shaking. He had Parkinson's disease. We explained to him that we were missionaries and that we had the Priesthood of God to give him a blessing. We entered in his house and gave him a blessing. I gave him the blessing. I could feel his pain. I could feel his strife, his suffering. I knew in that moment we were sent to help him! I am grateful for that opportunity to give him a blessing. We are now trying to visit him. We went 2 times after but we wasn't there. 

The two people we baptized yesterday
Speaking of blessings I had the opportunity to confirm the young lady that we baptized yesterday! I could feel the power of God running through my body as I said the designed words that came to me from The Spirit! God has a great plan for her and for her family! 

So many things so little time! I know that Priesthood has been restored in these days and it was in old! I know we can work miracles we just have to have faith and patience! 

Elder Spencer 
The girl that we baptized a week ago.

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