Monday, August 24, 2015



Well today we will find out who will stay and who will leave! We think that my comp is going to go! He has 6 months here in this area! He is dying! And we think that I am going to train a newbie...again. What a privilege. 😑 But no I am excited to see what happens! I need a change! 

But this week we are going to receive a training by Elder Bednar! That is right Elder Bednar! The 27th! I am soo excited! 

But hey enough about that! This week was awesome! Full of stories and BAPTISMS!!! 

Well to start off, one of the things that happened to us we have to back to the future like the movie... hehe.. But we contacted a lady like 3 weeks ago.. and this week we finally found her and her pareja (boyfriend). We were teaching the First Lesson like always and we invited them to baptism. They said that they would love to! And after we explained that to arrive to that point we need to keep all the commandments of God! And we explained marriage. They said that they would be willing to get married also!!! That was soo awesome to see two people with the same mindset and goals to build a family! 

We had a work visit this week with the Zone Leaders. It was the worst visit that I have ever had with them. I don't know if is it just me or what but whenever they want to do a work visit everything that could go wrong does go wrong! Almost all the the lessons fell through I was walking aimlessly through the street contacting and teaching. It was a very interesting experience. 

Well we also had some baptism this Saturday! Which was awesome! 4 people got baptized. My whole district baptized this month! And we and the sisters still have people that we are going to baptized the 29th! 

Hope you are all well! 
If I can I will send pictures of the baptisms!! 

Elder Spencer 

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