Monday, August 17, 2015

Week Exitoso (Successful Week)!

Successful week! 

This week has been one of the best here so far! UGhh so many things to say and so little time! But I will start with the person that is going to get baptized! She is amazing she loves it when we come over and teach her! She has such big heart! We convinced her husband to come to the baptism this Saturday! He said he would go without fail! ;) We are also in cahoots with him! He are planning on inviting him to baptism this coming week! He just doesn't know it yet!! 

We are also in cahoots with a young lady! She has all the desires that a person need to get baptized! And also we are talking with the father and the mother of the two girls that got baptized a while back! Their mom wants to get baptized! But she wants to get baptized with her husband! And she is trying to convince him!!! 

Well we have been here in my area working soo hard! I can't believe that all this time has passed already! Wow where does the time go!! I don't have my USB with me so I can't send pictures! But we have been teaching sooo much! This week we were able to shoot the goal of lessons by 8! It was awesome! I feel as if everything is coming naturally now! 

I am adjusted hard core here! Everything for me is normal! Sometimes there is something strange but I am used to it! And with the language.... oh my don't get me started... my English is just down right terrible. Well not terrible.. but yes terrible. I can talk English but it is more comfortable for me to talk in Spanish! I know that is weird! 

But hey what can you do!! 

I know that what I am doing is the right thing! Even though sometimes I don't want to... because I will be honest! It is hard! But through these times I think about the JOY of God! And How great He is! And will be forever! That He will always love us no matter what! And helping everyone see that is the best blessing that you could ask for! 

Today we are going to eat in a restaurant for Pday! THanks for all the people that read this and also for all the prayers that you send my way! I feel them! 

Elder Spencer 

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