Monday, August 3, 2015

Broken Bridges were Rebuilt


This week has been so great! Full of experiences and full of the Spirit! 
This week we have been teaching a lot. But lets rewind for a bit... Last week we were teaching really well. But sadly the people didn't understand or something and we invited tons of people to attend church with us. And what do we get.... nothing. 

I was feeling a little bit discouraged with the outcome. That was the first time that I had experienced such a thing. I felt that I had failed God in a way not bring anyone to His Church. I felt that I wasn't doing everything that I could do to help the people understand. I started the last week a little discouraged. I was like a broken bridge I couldn't see a way to get a across to conquer this problem. 

But then I started reading The Book of Mormon. I really started to ponder and write down my feeling and thoughts and inspirations that came to me last week. I started then to read in Alma 43. In verse 4 it says that they were preparing themselves for the war. I started to ask myself. Am I prepared? And how could I prepare myself?  in the 17th verse it hit my that I need to be like Moroni and take charge of the situation that was happening. I started to read how they prepared themselves. They put on amour and wanted to defend everything they had unto the shedding of blood. 

This chapter really helped me see how prepared I thought I was. And through out the week I could see tiny miracles as the people started to be a little be more receptive to the message. 

And this week in Church.... They came!! And a message in church really hit me. A returned missionary said, ''When we are obedient we bring blessing into our lives but when we do it with EXACTNESS we can perform miracles''  I love that phrase! 

We also had the privilege to go to the temple this past week! Wow so beautiful! The experience was sooo personal! I loved every second of it! 

Elder Spencer 

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  1. It is a very good experience. When talking about good experiences.