Monday, September 7, 2015

Busy, Stressful, Fun!

Well this week has been sooo stessfull and so busy! I  am learning lots about myself and the things that I am capable of! I am learning lots of things about how to help others and forget about myself!
Well sadly I don't have any photos because my camera died and that I left my charger in my other house... so I don't have anything to send you guys! I am truthfully sorry!  But hey this week has been a really good week! Time is passing by soo fast. The days seem like minutes and the weeks... I don't feel them pass.
But a little about what happened this week! Well we did a work visit! It went really well! And I have implemented a new way to verify and follow up with every one! We are now see more obedience in the Zone
It is way fun to get to interact with so many people in the Zone! We are planning as a Zone to help 8 couples get married this month and the get baptized!! I are trying to help every one!!!! It is sooo crazy! We have to go and find their birth certificates and everything!! But we are planning on dong a white night this 26th in the whole Stake!
Well this is really short but just wanted to let you know that I am alive and well and always praying for you guys! Thanks for everything!

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