Monday, September 28, 2015

Awesomely Amazing Week!

Hey mother,
This week has been awesomely amazing!!!! There is so much to say and so little time to say it all! I am doing really well! I am learning lots and having fun doing it!
This week we, in the zone, were able to baptize 22 people and also help 5 families get married! I have a ton of photos to send that explains everything that we went through this Saturday!
But we are happy here. Today we are going to eat in a restaurante and after we are going to play soccer. It is paradise for me!!
But just a little bit about what happened this Saturday. We arrived to the park where the families were going to get married and our family wasn't there. So I had to go back with an elder in my zone to find them. It was a 25 min bus ride. And they had to be there in 45 min. We went and practically ran to their house. When we got off the bus we ran up a huge set of stairs and when we got to the door of the house their little kid answered the door and we asked them where they were and he told us that they left. I knew that they had arrived to the park where they were going to get married!
The ceremony was really weird. There was a guy that had the microphone making bad Spanish jokes. It was terrible to hear.
But right now I am going to send pictures! 

Elder Spencer

(from mom:  Sadly, he did not send pictures. We keep hoping. He does sound busy and happy. What more could you ask?)

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