Monday, October 5, 2015

Magnolias Zone

Well this week has been a little bit better and I will tell you all why!
This week we didn't have a pile of things do to! It was really nice to focus on my area for a little bit. As Zone leader we hardly have time to think about us. We always have to be thinking of the other missionaries. But we had more time than usual to be in our area so that was nice.
We had to help some other missionaries sand the walls in their house because the lady got all up tight that they were going to move. So we did a service project sanding walls for 2 hours. That was fun! (Sarcasm added) But no I really enjoyed it. At the end we had a big water fight! It was awesome!
This week my companion and I don't have transfers! But there are 5 people in our zone that do! It is sad to see their names there but hey that is what God wants! I am sad and happy that Elder NiƱo will be my comp I still have lots to learn from him! I know God has a plan for everyone and he knows the good that we can do here! We are on our way to success here in Magnolias Zone!
We are getting ready to baptize a family this week! They are amazing! They have been investigatores for a while now! I am glad to see that they finally are going to get baptized this Saturday! I know this letter is short but i just want you all to know that I love helping other people and bring them the truth of Christ to their lives so that they can have enternal families!
I promise that today I will send pictures!! I am sorry for the delay!!
Elder Spencer

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