Monday, October 26, 2015

Adventures of a Zone Leader

How are you all? Hope everything is going well! Well there are some things that happened this week. Hope you all enjoy this message.
Well this week we had to go and help a sister missionary because she was really sick. So Monday we didn't work, which was really disappointing for me. But the next day I thought that we would be working but I was wrong. One of the missionaries in our zone called us and told us that in his bathroom there is a hole where you can see from the roof into the bathroom where they shower. He told us that a girl saw him. I called the president and he told us that we had to move them ASAP. We found a room and after an hour and a half negotiating with the land lord we finally got to a price that works for both of us. The room that they had picked out was about half a mile away. And to make it more worse we couldn't rent a truck to help us move all their stuff. So to do it Peruvian style we carried it all to there new house that was up like 2 hills. It was the most exhausting thing. And that day we also didn't teach.
Also this Saturday we had a little get together with the missionaries that had birthdays this month and I can tell you that it got a little out of hand. I won't say much but I will say that cake was thrown. And just imagine that....

But we had a really good week believe it or not. We are able to baptize a little kid from the family that we baptized a while back. I am sorry that I don't have pictures I am going to ask that people to send me pictures.
Well that was the highlight of my week. Hope you all are well and reading your scriptures everyday!
Elder Spencer

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