Monday, April 6, 2015

Our Mother's Knew It


How is it I am so happy! This Gospel is true. And all the things that you have taught. Thank you so much! As they say in the Book Of Mormon. "We doubt not because our mothers knew." I have arrived to see the importance of the Plan of Salvation! My eyes are being opened to the meaning of the Atonement and Resurrection of our Salvador Jesus Christ. I know he gave his life that we may obtain eternal life with him and our Father in Heaven. They live! Just as we live. But we live in a fallen state and Christ met the demands of His Father so that we might return to live with them once again. 

This week has been fantastic! We have been teaching and teaching. We have two people on track to get baptized this month. So you should be seeing some pictures soon! This week the people here celebrate the Resurrection of Christ as the Holy Week. They didn't really have festivals here this week. They mostly just drank beer and were with their families all day! 

Well this conference was really cool! And yes I had to listen to it in Spanish! It wasn't to bad! I just wanted to hear the voices of the Apostles and Prophet. ;( But the message was the same! I love how they talked about eternal families! And the covenants and ordinances that we need to make with Him to be able to live with him again! I have never been to excited to listen to The Servants of God! I know that their advice will help us daily. I pray that all is well! I pray for you all the time! I pray you keep studying the words of our Apostles and Prophet! 

Elder Spencer


How this week has gone by so fast--can't believe it is already April. How I am so grateful for the Resurrection of Christ. My perspective on life is changing little by little. I can see that we have an incredible gift here in this world to grow. I am learning so many new things about the Gospel that I never knew were even possible. Just my perspective has changee so drastically lately. That this really is the Plan of Redemption as it says in The Book of Mormon. I am understanding the importance of The Fall. And what that really means for our salvation.  

Elder Spencer 

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