Monday, March 30, 2015

Loving Peru

Everything has been going so good here in my ward! My comp is doing a little better! I am trying so hard to help him adjust! I have grown to love my my companion! We are constantly talking. It is really cool to have a relationship that we are good friends!

Well just a couple of experiences! Well firstly we are going to have a baptism in April! After a long drought here in my ward! We are going good right now! We have found lots of families to teach. I am really excited for this. 

Yesterday we were contacting and we walked past a street that we have never contacted before. Before that we had contacted a guy that just yelled at us for knocking at his door. So after that I was bummed out a little. I didn't really want to contact in that moment. But I knew we had to keep going. So we started to contact this street. First door. Nothing. And the same thing with the second. Great way to start of this street I thought to myself. We knocked this one door and out came a lady she is 24 and she wanted to listen. We explained who we were and what we teach and we asked if we could  come back to visit her. We have her number and we are going to visit her. 

Another experience that was really cool! We were walking in the street called Alborada. And all along this street there are benches. We were walking at night and there on one of these benches was a family. I just had this feeling that we need to contact them! We shared a little bit about The Plan of Salvation. And they showed interest in what we were saying! I have a visit with them!! 

I am loving it here in Peru!!!! 

Elder Spencer

So cool to see that you are supporting UVU in all that they do? How are they looking? I bet stacked. So you guys went to that restaurant that we went to that one time! You need to try Lomo Saltado. It is the best thing in this world--to me at least. Time. Time has flown by so fast here. Finally after a long drought we are having more people come to church. And we have a baptism this coming month. 18 of April. And more to come. We have found TONS of familias and we are trying to help them so hard! They just don't understand sometimes but we are always ready to help them that really is what it is about. Helping and Inviting. 

Elder Spencer 

Say hi to Matt Warne for me!! Love that kid! 

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