Tuesday, March 10, 2015

8 months out

This week has been a little bit difficult. My companion mentally checked out because he goes home tomorrow! Yep that is right he finished his mission! But the good thing is that he has left me with lots of things to do! He has been such a good comp this last transfer! It will be hard to see him go! But just a couple experiences this week to start this email! 

We did splits with my District Leader, Elder Gilbert! We taught this guy named A"". He is a really good guy. We taught him The Plan of Salvation but only in like 20 min because we didn't have much time. After Elder Gilbert said that we should have taught The Restoration. I agreed but I told him that I didn't have any pamphlets of the Restoration and that is why we taught The Plan of Salvation. Hahaha it was pretty funny for me and him! But we have another appointment with him! And he has potential to be baptized. 

I had a work visit with the Zone Leader! Elder Brimhall! He is the coolest guy ever! Well we started our day perfect had 2 lessons that went really well! And after that ya went downhill from there. Every lesson started to fall through and I was thinking. "No this can't be happening not today... " But we rescued the day and had 3 more lessons which was awesome! 

Friday nothing really happened! We taught and nothing else! 

Saturday same.. 

Sunday was an adventure for me! I had to teach the class Gospel Principles all by myself and that was really hard. We had two visitors and we are going to visit one of them. The other lives in the jungle and was only visiting for yesterday!  We had to do splits again And I was with a youth in the ward. I didn't learn until later that he was like 13 years old... and didn't have the office of a Priest. So technically I was alone all day.  And when we were contacting he was walking all around me like in a circle, around me literally. And I could not focus! 

Our investigators are great! But don't want to do anything. They don't want to come to church and that is the main thing. They can't is what they tell me! And that just seems to me like an excuse! But we have potential baptisms! We just have to be patient. 

Elder Spencer 

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