Monday, March 2, 2015

Teaching, Teaching

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This week has been a really, really good week for me and I am going to explain why. Well first off we have been helping the Less Actives here in my ward Sol del Pinar start to attend more. A while back we found a lady who had been in Chile for 5 years and recently returned back. While she was there in Chile she wasn't able to attend church. For 5 long years she told us. She told us that she always wanted to go but never could due to the situation. We have helped her get active in the Church again. She is really cool. She has 2 children. They are crazy. Along with her we have help 6 others regain there testimonies again. My area isn't a high baptizing area. But we are helping the people here recognize the importance of attending. It has been something really special to see little by little the strength in their testimonies grow. 
I taught this little girl how to put socks on her head! 

We have lots of people to teach in our area. But we can always do better. My companion is going home in 10 days. He is still working but not to his fullest. But he has been the best companion I have had here in the mission so far.

Last night we did divisions. I was with a youth from a different ward. His name was Moroni! That is the coolest name ever! But anyways we went to visit this family that we have been trying to teach for weeks now. Always when we have showed up the Mother has told us that she wanted to listen but with all here children present along with her husband. We have gone to her house at least 7 times to talk with her. But without success. But yesterday we were able to talk with this family. This experience I would never change for anything is this world. We started to talk about The Plan of Salvation and our purpose as missionaries. I told them that as missionaries we invite all people to come to Christ through his Gospel. I told them that through this message their desires will be to follow Christ will grow to the point that they want to follow Him to the fullest and be baptized. 

We eat breakfast with the couple that does our laundry! 
After that I taught all of The Plan of Salvation because my companion didn't know any of the lesson. During the lesson I could feel something different about my teaching. I wasn't just teaching to teach. I was teaching because I felt love for this family. That is a feeling that I am never going to forget. The love that I felt and feel for this family. I want the best for them. During the middle of the lesson I felt a strong urge to invite them to baptism. And they accepted. On the condition that I keep visiting them to learn more. hahahahaha.  At the end of the lesson they asked how we could know if all these things were true, and I explained prayer. They have committed to pray about The Plan that God has for his Children. 
We went to Center of Lima!

With lots of love,

Elder Spencer 

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