Monday, February 23, 2015

Tough Week

This week has been a little tough. But it went by really fast. I can feel all your prayers and I just want to thank you for that. Well this week wasn't a super week. It was just normal. We taught and taught some more. But I had an experience last night that I will probably never forget and that really made me realize that I have a testimony of The Gospel. 

Well last night we went to go visit this man that we had contacted. So we went and knocked on his door. He came out and invited us in. We talked for a long time about Peru, and Machu Pichu. He is really smart and uses very scientific words. But I understood what he saying. After about 40 minutes of this. We actually started the lesson. The thing about this man is that he is Catholic. And we started to find that he was SUPER Catholic. Well we started to explain all of The Restoration. He was understanding and listened for the most part. But after we taught a principle he was just trying to find all the flaws in what we had said. Which was kind of frustrating. At that point we couldn't really do anything but just testify. We presented The First Vision to this guy. I started to feel warm and happy for this man. I started to feel like he was a Child of God. That we needed to just testify. Then we presented The Book Of Mormon. But he told us according to the RULES of his church that he couldn't read anything but the Bible. Which is the worst excuse I have ever heard someone give. We read the promise is Moroni 10:3-5. And we hit him with our testimonies. I testified with all my heart to this man hoping what I was saying would spark something. But nothing. But the funny part is that he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet but won't read the Book of Mormon because "his religion" forbids it.... After all this he thanked us a he said that is was very interested what we had told him but he just tried to use logic to give us excuses. 

After that we left for another visit.

This experience I will never forget. For one the guy is crazy to say that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and then deny The Book Of Mormon..... But the other reason is that I felt a manly love for this man. Don't get me wrong when I say that. But I just felt like he really was Gods Child and as a representative of Christ I did my job to love and help him. I will never forget the Spirit that I felt when we were sharing the experience that Joseph Smith had. It was electric. 

Elder Spencer 

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