Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sol Del Pinar

Well this week went by really really fast! My area is good...but hard at the same time. The people here don't really want to listen to us. For example, yesterday we knocked a couple of doors on the way to our lesson because we had a little bit of time. We knocked on a door and out came a women. We presented ourselves and asked if you could share a message with here. She told us he was a little busy and didn't have time. (The typical response ) We asked her if we could come back and visit her this week and just like that she slammed the door. If was so funny for me and Elder Perez! We just started to laugh a little. But that is mainly how it is here in my area, The people yell, throw water sometimes, and call us mean names ;( But I have learned so much about the Gospel and myself here in Sol Del Pinar. 

After that we arrived to our lesson and began to talk with the boyfriend of a member and we started to talk about what we learned in church because he went this Sunday. I asked him how he felt and he told us that he felt peaceful. We then explained that God wants us to feel peace here in the world. And that we can feel it more when we do the little things like reading our scriptures, praying, going to church. And he agreed with us. We then started to share The Plan of Salvation. We started to talk about about how we could gain the peace and comfort here on earth. We mentioned that Christ taught 5 principles when we was here. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of The Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. And that Christ has put things principles in our lives because He knows that they can bring us happiness. We then explained that all of us are going to die one day. And that when Christ died he was also resurrected. And that also we are going to have the privilige too. He taught that yes... Christ died. But most importantly He conquered death. And that He lives just like we are living. When we taught him that I could see a glimpse of Hope and comfort in his eyes. I know that our words rung true to his ears. We invited him to pray and ask God directly and he said that he would. He lives outside our area but he gave us his phone number to call and see how his prayer went! That was pretty cool!

A little bit about the ward here. We don't attend in a normal chapel like in all the others. We basically have a house church is what they call it here. I haven't had the opportunity to take a picture because I am always forgetting my camera. But we have tons of members... not. we only have 50 people attending regularly. Which is terrible. We have like 18 families that are less active and sometimes attend. But the worst part is that the Relief Society Pres is inactive, Primary Pres, Young womens pres, Young mens pres. 

I don't have much to write but just wanted to let you all know that I can feel your prayers everyday. 

Elder Spencer 

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