Thursday, February 5, 2015

San Felipe


Well I got transferred! It was pretty sad to leave my area and the members and my converts. But I know that God has bigger and brighter plans for me ahead, here in the zone San Felipe. I am in an area named Sol del Pinar! With my companion Elder Perez! He is from Mexico! And seriously is the chillest and coolest guy that I have met! He doesn't talk much. He is a man of few words but ya we talk! The ward he is really small. Only 55 people attend constantly. Here we have a lot of familias that are less active and need a little bit of help to remember certain things. But I just wanted to say that I am doing great! My Spanish is sooooo much better! I have learned lots of new words here already! I can tell I am going to grow spiritually here in my area with my companion! 

Well I just want to share an experience that I had yesterday with the Bishop of our ward. After ward council we had a talk with the Bishop. And he asked us if we could visit a couple of the less active families in the ward with him that day! And of course we said yes. We can't say no because we are missionaries ;) So around 5 we did divisions with the Bishop and his 1st counsellor. 
I went with the Bishop and we visited a house but no one was home. After we went to another house and there were two men outside the house. We asked them if they knew this family and they said they didn't. Another man left the house and asked us what we were looking for. We told him what we had told the other 2 and he told us that they weren't home. We were about to leave... when I felt that I need to talk with these 3 men. I asked them what there names where and then I started to testify. I don't remember what I said. 

There were to men to my right and one younger man to my left. The 2 to my right weren't paying attention I could tell. But the man to my left was listening. I was mainly talking to him anyways. But I asked if we could stop by his house and share a message about the Gospel. He told me, " Si, quiero conocerles un poco mas, vengan a mi casa." ( Yes, I want to get to know you a bit more, come to my house.") I asked him for his address and cell number but he couldn't remember because he told me he is just visiting for 2 months. I gave him a pamphlet of The Plan of Salvation with our names and our number. I told him to call me. 

So today I have very optimistic that he is going to call! I know he will call! I have been praying in my heart all morning that he will call! I know God can do many things and this is one of them! He told me he will call us in the afternoon! We are going to see! 

John 14:18 

" No os dejare huérfanos; vendré a vosotros." 

Elder Spencer 

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