Sunday, March 29, 2015

Working Diligently

Me during service with my hipster hat! (They were painting)
This week has been a really long week for me. I have been a little stressed with my comp and the problems that he has. I am trying so hard to animate him with the work. It is difficult to see that each day is a little worse than the other. He really has to do it on is own. I can say all that I want but really he has to find why we came here. 

Well this week we have been working really diligently. We have found so many people to teach. My comp doesn't say much in the lessons right now. But we are practicing everyday to get him more confidence. We have found 2 families and a lady and a man and a young lady. They have tons of potential to be members of the Church. We have made plans to get them baptized this April. Sadly for us we didn't have a baptism this month. In a month or so should expect photos of baptisms 

We have found people that are soo cool! They just need to come to church and we can continue with everything... preparing them to bet married and to get baptized also! I am really excited for this week! I know it will be hard but I know with the help of God all is possible. 

I have been studying Jesus The Christ. I am learnng so much about The Atonement. And about Christ himself I know this work is the work of the Lord! I am so happy to be here! 
Elder Spencer 

I had to go to the Airport to send my comp to Mexico! Elder Perez and Elder Spencer
Zona San Felipe!

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