Monday, April 13, 2015

Time is Flying


Thank you for all you do for me dad! Thank you that you are searching music for me and you well know I have no time to do that! I am really grateful for that! Sounds like you are doing really Good! We have baptisms this month. I am loving teaching here and finding new people! Before I came to area there were 35 people attending. Now we almost have 65 attending. And they haven't had a baptism for a while... I really feel like I am making a difference here. We have been working diligentemente. I don't know how to spell..... 

Elder Spencer  


Wow time is flying by here in the field. We have been very busy with teaching and finding here in my area. And what makes it awesome is that we are going to have baptisms!! 3!! I am so blessed and happy to see that this area is advancing!! I know God is helping us with our efforts through hard work and diligence. 

We had some really cool experiences this week! Well to start off we did divisions this week. I had to leave my area and go to a different area. And my companion stayed. He only has one month and a little in the area. I was really nervous for him but I was praying for him. Well during this change we taught and contacted a lot. It was really fun! But when I returned to my area I was a little lost! But we are going good right now. We are trying to contact a lot more! We have the baptism of a lady and she is really kind. She notices what we are teaching can change her life. And is trying so hard to apply the things we are teaching. She sees the value of baptism. Which is awesome! 

Also have a young man who is the brother of some less actives. He could attend our church yesterday but he went and attended at another church. He is really cool! He will be a great member of the church. Just need to help him see the blessings!! 

Well personally this week has been exhausting. I am having to do everything. It is really tiring. My comp still is new and I am trying to give him the best experience here as possible. I know that God is watching over us. I am progressing everyday with Spanish and personally. I am so happy! 

Elder Spencer 

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