Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Week


Wow time flies here when you are doing the work of the Lord! I have had a really long week here! With the changes of companions and such and trying to do the work that I know needs to be done! My comp is really cool! Well anyways my experiences this week! 

Well first thing that comes to my head is the Night before Christmas! I was expecting a peaceful night that I would return to my house and then I would go to bed! But little did I know that all night the people of Peru would be celebrating! With fire works! So at 10pm it all began! I was sleeping and I woke up to what sounded like gun shots! I ran to my window to see what was happening! I looked up at the sky and it was filled with fire works off all kinds! It was so loud! Next my comp and me went up to our roof to get a better view! I was recording the whole thing! Also in the street the kids were lighting fire works! I was a crazy night! The fireworks didn't stop until 1 in the morning! 

We had a Christmas activity with the mission! All the missionaries went to the mission home and we had a dodge ball tournament! We played soccer of course! We had a talent show which was pretty awesome and we ate hamburgers and hot dogs! Wow that was fun! 

The recent Missionaries of my Ward! Mariscal Careces! 
From left to right: Me, Elder Nelson, Elder Speed!  My friends from the CCM! 
Then Christmas Day!! 

Wow Christmas this year didn't really feel like Christmas! I wasn't with my family or anything! I passed Christmas night in my bed! I went to sleep way early! And early that day we ate a huge Christmas lunch with a member! We ate pig, turkey, fruit, vegetables, jello, bread! Oh it was so good! 

Then the rest of the week we were working in the mountains! It was really fun! But I want to share what happened yesterday when we were walking in the street! We were at the church waiting to have Ward Council and the members weren't going to show up for a long time and I had to go back to our room to pick up some papers! Well I were walking back on a street down by our house and we passed a guy and he asked if we were Mormon! We stopped and we started talking for a bit! He started to talk in English! I was a little confused at first! But we started talking in English about the Gospel and we invited him to church and he told us that he has a Book of Mormon and that he is going to read more in depth! I don't know where he learned to speak English but ut was actually really cool! I think we are going to visit him this week! 

Well that is all for now! 

Merry Christmas! 

Elder Spencer

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