Monday, December 22, 2014

Feliz Navidad!


I am so excited to talk to you and the family!! Wow it is already Christmas! I hope all turns out well with your job plans! I will be praying for you! Well I always do! And yes your statistic is correct 1.2% of Peru are members! But we are plugging away with the work! We had changes in our companionship this last week the day Tuesday! I now have a Peruano as a comp! He carries 20 months in his mission! And I am learning how to be super patient with him! He is always listening to his music and sometimes doesn't want to work but I am just learning to have a good experience. But don't worry I am not participating in his activities! I am trying to get him to work which is good I need a goal to fulfill! In January we are going to help a family get married! They are so kind and amazing! 

Elder Spencer 

Hola todos! 

In this time of the year he have the opportunity to remember our Savior Jesus Christ in full! I am full of emotions during this time of year! But remember we need to remember Him always not just during Christmas! Everyday we need to strengthen ourselves in order to be able to become like Him! Which includes doing the things that He would do if we was here on the earth! I know we all have a lot of things to do in our lives with our families and with school and work! 

Well a lot has happened this week! We had changes in our companionship and I am currently sitting next to Elder Pauro! He is from.... Peru! He was in the Lima West mission but they change him to Lima North! He really is crazy and a good worker! I has 20 months in his mission... sometimes things are tough! But I am learning so much from him! We have found many people to teach and we will continue searching for the lost sheep and bring them back to this wonderful knowledge! 

Currently we are working for January! We have a lot of things that we need to do! When I was with Elder Ortiz we baptized a lot of people! But now with my new comp we have to teach all the lessons to them again in order to make sure that they are totally converted! We have many lessons to teach this week and things to prepare! 

This Wednesday we have an activity as a mission! We get to wear P-day clothes all day in this activity! It should be really fun! I hope all is well and Happy Holidays here from Peru! 

Elder Spencer 

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