Monday, December 1, 2014

Busy Missionary


Well today I can't send pictures or write much because thanks to my district we only have 30 min to write. I am not going to say what I am feeling it wouldn't be nice words. 

Well a lot has happened here in Mariscal Caceres! First off my Spanish is so much better wow I can feel a difference. It is a little bit more natural and free flowing! We have been teaching a lot lately! I love teaching. It is really humbling to teach, I learn a lot about myself and about the Gospel! It is amazing to see! 
We had 2 baptisms Saturday! That was awesome I got to baptize again! We have done a lot. I am going to try and remember what we have done! Here we go! 

Well the first thing that comes to my mind was when we helped people carrying long pieces of wire and cement up a mountain! That wasn't too bad we contacted some people and found a less active member! Second thing that come to mind is one of our investigators! She is sincere and eager to learn! We have a date for her baptism 13 of December! Also we did some service in a members house 2 weeks ago! We help take out dirt from her house in order to expand her house! 

So I was reading this packet named , " The Fourth Missionary" and it really made me want to change my look on the mission. It basically is a packet of how to become the best YOU and Missionary! Because first I was just going on a mission because that is what members of the church do. But after reading it is said something really cool it said, " There is a difference between obedience and intelligence. And the intelligent thing to do is to apply the Gospel in your life." I thought that statement was really cool! Also found some really cool scriptures that helped me! 

2 Nephi 21:2    Alma 26:12     Moroni 10:20-23
Omni 1:26       Alma 41:5-6    D&C 18: 17-19 
Mosiah 4:9      Moroni 7:6-7

The next experience I want to share happened recently in a lesson! We started sharing the Plan of Salvation with them. When we were sharing this lesson I felt like a real missionary, I wasn't reciting anything. I was helping the person understand this wonderful plan that God has for his children! I was teaching for real! Well to finish I am really glad and humble to be here! I have learned to much of myself and of the beautiful Gospel! I have had to many ups and downs I can't even count, but I know God is my strength and will always be with me! Hope things are awesome for you all! 

From Peru, 

Elder Spencer 

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