Monday, January 5, 2015

This Week!


Wow can't believe that it is already Monday! Where did this week go! Wow time here in the field is flying by so fast! I am learning a lot from my new companion. Especially how to be patient and express my feelings about a certain situation. Elder Pauro is the coolest cat though. He has such a big heart for the people and for the Gospel. He knows the Gospel through and through. When he talks he talks with reverence which I find very humbling about him. The thing with my companion is the following: He has 20 months in the mission, well 21 now. He is dying. That is a phrase we use here when someone has a lot of time in the mission. We wants to work but at the same time he wants to do is own thing. Which is kinda of hard for me especially when this is my first area and I want to do the best I can! 

Well he is a good kid don't get me wrong. We have a great relationship!!! 

Well this week...where to start! Well one day we were eating in a restaurant and entered a family of 6 they sat next to us. I continued to eat my lunch like normal. But half way through I started to feel a little sick. I felt like I was needing to talk to that family. But we finished and left for our apartment. When we arrived at the apartment I told my comp that we need to go back to the restaurant and talk to them!! He told me that I was crazy. But I told him that I was serious!! So we left and before we left we said a prayer to soften their hearts! We then arrived at the restaurant and they were eating. I told my comp that we shouldn't talk to them while they are eating because that is a little rude and uncomfortable. He agreed and we walked in and started to talk with them!! At first it was a little weird but turned out they were interested! We left and I felt like I did my job as a missionary! We have a visit with them this week! 

Also we have been trying to find a family that my old companion Elder Ortiz and I contacted a month and a half ago! We have been going to their house for about two weeks and every time we went they weren't home. But this last week we found them! And we taught them and invited them to baptism! But first they need to get married by the Country! They also accepted this! We are going to be working with them to get their papers ready to be married! 

Also we have a family right now that they have their papers ready to get married and we are just waiting for the date the 24 of Jan

We have also found many other young men that we are helping! 

Elder Spencer 

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