Monday, January 12, 2015



I am so excited to share some on the experiences that I had this week! 

Well to start we have been teaching which is always good! There is always someone to teach here in my area! You can literally start talking with anyone and they will invite you in to their house to talk for a moment or two! All the people here have a religious background a some kind and they all know that there is something more to God. But they just can't explain it! I love it when we talk with people and they ask the question: Why are there so many churches in the world when there is only one God and one way back to him? I love this question! Because when they ask these questions we can see as missionaries that they are searching just like Joseph Smith was searching. They know that there must be something more to God, this life, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

Well to start of we were walking in the calle last night to a lesson and there was a kid playing soccer with his dad. He kicked the ball and it came towards us! I kicked it back! And the father gave us thanks! And we started to talk about his son and sooner or later we started talking about God. He said that is has always known that God exists and that there is something else. We talked for a moment about prophets and then invited him to church the next week and we have a lesson with him this Tuesday! That was really cool. I got to express my feelings and my testimony with him! I love that. 

Second we found a family! They are amazing! The dad doesn't have a leg and is always on crutches. But the cool thing is that the first time we contacted them they invited us to drink soda with them! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited them to baptism! And they accepted but they kept telling us that they need to learn the things of God first! And we assured them that we are going to help them! 

Wow this week has been full of happiness! I have never been this happy in my life! I know sharing the Gospel really does change your life as well as living it! 

¡Lo viviré! Es una parte de mi vida que nunca tu puedes quitar de mi. Lo viviré, las enseñanzas, los principios, El Evangelio. Lo seguiré con fe, lo defenderé con mi vida. Porque ahora es parte de mi vida y lo sera por siempre! 

Elder Spencer 

Note from Mom--The approximate translation of the paragraph above is this:

My life! It is a part of my life that you can never take away from me. We live the teachings the principles, the Gospel. I will continue in faith, I will defend with my life. Because it is now part of my life and it will be forever!

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