Monday, September 29, 2014

Time is Short

I don't have a lot of time on the computer and it is really hard for me to read all your emails and answer each and every question. So I am just going to write a big long email that you guys can read and then I will try my best to respond to everyone's email. 

Well this week has been really good! I have been really enjoying it here! I really is my home now!

My daily routine is wake up at 6:30, go play soccer at the stake center or do Insane Abs at the house. Then we eat with our Pensionista. After we shower at get ready for the day, then we study for an hour and a half. Then we have companionship study, which really means nothing here. So we just keep on studying until 11. Then I study Spanish for an hour or so and read out loud from The Book Of Mormon. After this we have lunch around 1. After lunch we share a message with the members that we ate with. 

After lunch we have appointments with investagatores. We dont' really knock doors that much because we always have appointments. We have appointments from 4 until 9 at night. This basically is my life everyday. 

We baptized 6 people this past Saturday!
All the people that were baptized!

I baptized Ayme la chica en el medio ( the girl in the middle) 
I had the opportunity to baptize 2 of the 6. I got to baptize a girl her name is Ayme and also had the opportunity to baptize the father of the family that we were teaching! We have a special connection, it is hard to explain. But I am so grateful that he asked me to baptize him! That really made me feel special! 

Hermano Jaime! My favorite person ever! 
My companion sometimes is really disobedient and it is really hard to be the example. But I do what I am supposed to do when I am supposed to do it. And sometimes he follows and sometimes not. It is really difficult! But I know only good will come from this! I have been thinking about my situation a lot and I have come to the conclusion that this experience with my companion is a model of the missionary that I don't want to be!! We never contact people which I ask him about everyday and he always says we will do it.... but we never do of course! 

These past couple of days have been great! The language is starting to flow out of my mouth without me having to really think about it which is nice! The people here are really nice and loving! I love talking with them! Well hope everything is good back at home! 
Last P day we went to Central Lima! 

We ate at Chilis! 

We went to a museum! 

Elder Bustamante y Hermana Arriaga 

Love you all! 

Elder Spencer

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