Monday, September 1, 2014


My Mother!

This week has been really good! We have a lot of investigatores right now. About 3 weeks ago I met this girl named Veronica. And yesterday I got to baptize her! I was the best experience ever! I could really feel Gods love for her! And I have only known her for 3 weeks! Also we have this really cool family we are teaching. They have a father, mother, and 2 girls. One is 19 and the other es 22. I dont know their names... I am terrible with names here! But yesterday was a really good day. For the most part. The night before we had to fill the font for the baptism and we stayed up till like 1 en the morning. It was terrible. I will send pictures later...

I gave my camera to member to take a picture and he took my camera with him when he left the service

Wow from the pictures dad sent me UVU Soccer is off to a great start! I heard they won?
And yes packages do come they just take a while and they get sent directly to the offices so if you send one I might not get it for a while... but you can try if you want!

Ya JOE WHEELWRIGHT was in the Mexicio MTC! I saw him! And we played soccer together!!
Wow time is flying here! Everyday is a new adventure and a new opportunity to learn something new about the Gospel, about yourself, and about Peru!

Elder Spencer

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