Monday, September 8, 2014

Splits with the Zone Leader


So much has happened this last week! Each day is an adventure here in Peru! You never know what you are going to get! Well I had the opportunity of going on splits with the Zone Leader! At first I was not to happy... But it turned into an experience I will never forget! 
So that day I woke up and my companion told me we were going on splits and I did not know with who! So I packed my church clothes and we went to go play soccer like we normaly do. We played for 45 min and then I figured out I was going on splits with the Zone Leader! I was half and half not really sure what to think. He also is a Gringo. 
So we did all our studying that morning in his apartment and ate lunch with a member. Like we normaly do. Then we set out on our jorney!
We had an appointment with this family he told me ( In spanish ). I could hardly understand. But I went with it. 
This family is the most beautiful family ever! I dont remember their names but we talked for a while with them about work, family, life all that good stuff! Then we started into the lesson which developed into families and the importance of being with your family. Elder Whitlock, the Zone Leader, is so caring in the way he talks with the people. He really is a great example to me! But he shared is part and then he turned to me. And my stomach dropped. I had so clue what to say after such marvelous words. 
So like any good missionary I bore my testimony on families. I started to cry. Because I was thinking of my family and the families of all my friends. And how I was so blessed to be with them forever! I really started to think in that moment of these people have to idea that they can be eith their families for ever. It was an experience I will never, ever forget. 
I am grateful for my family and the support they give me in all that I do! 

Elder Spencer
Had the best experience ever baptizing Veronica!

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