Monday, September 15, 2014

A Great Family and a Snake


This week has been really great! I had the opportunity to go on splits again which was a really fun experience! We taught this family that is Inactive in the Church. And we talked about eternal families. It is so amazing to feel the Spirit and know that they are feeling it too! We also helped this family a few days earlier move bricks to the back of their house to be rebuilt of something. I didn't really know what. But that was a really fun experience! 

Also this Saturday we are baptizing a family! And my companion says that I get to do it! I cant wait! They really want to accept the Gospel in their lives. You can see it when we teach them because they ask so many questions about what they should be doing and how they should prepare to be baptized. 
Mi con la familia que voy a bautizar este sábado! (With my family going to be baptized this Saturday)

Also we taught this man, way up in the hill. And he happened to have a domesticated snake! He showed us his pet and we got a picture with it! 
Me con una serpiente (Me with a snake)
The thing I love about Peru is that everyday you never now what you are going to get! Or what type of people you are going to meet! 

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