Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Adventures in Peru!

These weeks have been full of many adventures! First off last week we left our keys in our room! Ahh! We asked some workers near by if that had a ladder we could use! And Elder Ortiz climbed up to our room and got the keys! And now every time we leave the room I always ask him if he has the keys! Wow that was crazy! 

My Spanish is so much better! Every day I learn something new about the language! I am trying to learn as fast as I can.

Our lessons have been great we have started to teach this family that their nephew is on a mission and that they want to be baptized! They are the coolest family ever! Also we are teaching this other family where the wife is a member but the husband is not! We talked about the importance of the Church is our lives and in our families. Also we talked about the importance of Family Night! That really hit home for me when we started to talk about these things. Because these three things really made me think. 
MI CUARTO (My room)

Our pentionista is the coolest person ever! She isn't a member but every time we eat with her we try to bring up the church in some way or another! She cooks the best food and I think today was the last day she is going to pention for us! :( 

But yes everything is going well! I can speak English good with the gringos... ;) 
Nuestro proyecto servicio!! Tuvimos la oportunidad a tirar los ladrillos! 
( Our service project!! We had the opportunity to throw bricks! ) 
Love you, 

Elder Spencer 

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