Monday, October 6, 2014

Mission World Cup

We are writing today because we have the World Cup for the Mission this Monday and we won’t have time to write Monday!!  I am so excited to play all day!! Everything here is good! This month we have baptisms! 

I went on divisions and that was way fun! I actually really like divisions. I get to play the role of senior companion for a night! My Spanish is so much better! I just need to learn as much as I can and have patience! 
Elder Nathaniel Spencer and Elder Spencer Bradford

Love you! 

Elder Spencer 

Have a great conference weekend! 

Questions Mom asked Nathan (and his answers)

Do you get hot water in your apartment for showers?
They have hot water installed... but sometimes is goes out...

Do you have a maid that cooks and cleans for you? How much does it cost?
We pay 350 for our apartment 

We don’t have a maid.. 

Where do you eat for dinner?
For dinner we buy food and cook it at a member’s house 

Do you get to play the piano much?
I play the piano sometimes they don’t really have piano here only in the stake centers

 Below are some pictures of stairs that people (and missionaries) have to climb to get to the areas where they work.

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