Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Joseph Smith


This week has been pretty good! We have taught tons of people and we still have more we need to teach which is always good! My companion... he is good he just has a hard time following the mission rules. It is frustrating. But I stand my ground and say, " No podemos hacer ese." ( We can't do that ) Sometimes he realizes it and sometimes he doesn't.

Well this week we found this lady, her name is Viki. She is so genuine and kind. She has two kids a boy who is 3 years and a girl who is 7. We met her while walking to an appointment that we had. We were walking by her and she asked us if we were the Mormons. And we kindly said yes. She said that she had questions about the church and we asked her if we could come visit her one day. And she said yes. 

So the next day we went to visit her. I was expecting tons of questions about the Bible, the BOM, Marriage, etc. All that good stuff. We entered her house sat down and started to introduce ourselves. We had a prayer and we started the lesson. We asked her what her questions were and she said, " What do the Mormons believe? Because I have read a lot of things online of the Mormons and I want to know what you believe." So we taught her the first lesson. We taught and taught, and when we arrived at the section of Joseph Smith I knew I had to testify about this. So I started to explain the doubts that Joseph had, and that he wanted to know the truth. I related this story to her and said, " You have doubts correct? About the Mormons, well, Joseph had doubts to and he wanted to know the truth like yourself. So Joseph went to pray one day..." And then I described the First Vision. 

In this moment... I could feel something strange... an assurance that what I had said was true!  And I could tell in her expression that she felt it too. I paused for a couple seconds. And continued on. That moment I will never forget. It is glued into my brain into my memory! After we finished we invited her to baptism and before she said yes, I knew she was going to say yes. It is these moments that you really realize that you have a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I a'm glad that Joseph Smith restored the Fullness of the Gospel. I have an immovable testimony of this! And I cant wait to share it with the people of Peru! 

Glad to hear that your trip went well! Keep me updated on UVU and your lives. I love to hear about everything! 

With Love, 

Elder Spencer 

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