Monday, May 4, 2015

Preach My Gospel

This week has been full of surprises and spiritual experiences. Wow where do I even begin. Well we started out this week... not so well. We only had 5 lessons in two days. I was really starting to judge my teaching and finding skills. I started to read Preach My Gospel about how I could improve these skills. And what do you know the next day we taught 6 lessons. Which was crazy!!! And the day after that we taught 9!! I have a strong testimony of Preach my Gospel! It really was written for our use! 

Well we have been working really hard! I am soooo tired all the time but I just have to keep going. I can't really tell if I am sick or what I am just tired all the time. I hope I am able to jump this. But we have been soo blessed thanks to the obedience that we are showing to God! We were walking in the street one day like 2 weeks ago. And we meet a kid. He told us that he lived in this area but was going to a different church that was really far away and he asked us if there was a closer church. And we told him that there was and he gave us his number and left. Well... to continue the story we were knocking some doors and we had so idea where he lived. And we knocked his door!! We started talking and then he invited us in! The lesson that we had was indescribable. The spirit was so strong!! We invited him to get baptized and he said yes! We are going to help him prepare for this 30th of May!

Another story! ;) 

Well we had a baptism this Saturday! WHOO!! ( I will send pictures ) But this joven is really really really cool! We meet him a while back! But I thought that he was a member. But he wasn't. It was actually really funny when I found that out I asked him if he wanted to be. And he said yes! And from there we taught and taught and helped and helped for a long time! But this Saturday he got baptized! But that wasn't the story ;) The coolest part is that his mom came to the service! And she expressed that she wanted to get baptized to. She had been talking to the Jehovah's Witnesses. And she just didn't feel right about them. She told us after that she felt a Spirit during the service that she had never felt. That day, 2 of May in the evening, we passed by and talked about it. And she also accepted to get baptized this 30 of May. And we are trying to prepare her right now. 

Another cool fact ;) 

Her son got baptized. Obviously I have said that like 100 times. But he is 17 years old which means he is a Priest!! And he is going to be ordained! We are thinking that he could baptize her!!!!! AHHHHH!! 

Well this Sunday has been better then the rest! Our investigators came!! Also a less active with his girlfriend who is not a member. He told us that he wants that she can be a member too! And we have planned to visit them this week. Another potential baptism! 

I know that God looks after his children. We just have to put our trust in Him and do the things that we wants to do to really receive the blessing that he wants for each and every one of us! 

Elder Spencer 

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