Monday, March 14, 2016

Elder Robbins

Hey mom
This week has been really fun and a little stressful at the same time. But that is  good combo to keep working. I would like to share some things that happened this week and a couple things that I have been able to learn.
Well first off this week started off really well we have been teaching a family that is really awesome. We taught this Tuesday and invited them to church--to leave their work for a couple hours to come to church and feel Gods love for them. They accepted and came. We are in the process of helping them get baptized! So in April be expecting photos! They have two sons that like to play soccer. We invited them to play soccer with us on Saturday in the morning. They came!! They are fantastic I would love to see this family get married and baptized! I know the Lord will help us!!
We had a special visit from the General Authority Elder Robbins. He is a great speaker. We had to go to Lima to hear him talk!! We heard him talk with The Lima East Mission! And yes I saw Elder Wallace again!! He is doing great! But the thing that touched me during this training was something that he said. He shared a story of a return missionary that was living in a trailer home with his mom and his recently divorced sister. One day he came home to find them dead. He later found out the killer was his brother in law. But this RM went to the prison and asked to talk with his former brother in law--only to say that he had forgiven him. What an act of all the attributes of Jesus. Patience, virtrue, charity, etc. But he said something that really hit me. He said, "There is no need to go through the suffering of heart ache and bad feelings. Christ already suffered those things for us. He can help us. Forgiving is not forgetting."
I know Christ suffered for the sins of the world. So that we might live a better live without those feelings of hatred, and bad will. He did it so that we can become like Him. I have come to understand a lot more thanks to Elder Robbins.
Elder Spencer

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